Release notes

We are listening to your feedback and we keep improving the service. On this page you will find the information on the latest released features and fixes.

Release of August 8th 2017

- CSV export list of clients' email
- Fixed removed products' prices appearing in price list
- Fixed size of logo on the home page

Release of June 28th 2017

- Creations are now saved automatically when ordered
- Creations are now stored for one year

Release of May 24th 2017

- customers can now change quantities with an input before ordering
- new order mail for customers can now be translated
- added notes in choice of fields for customer form
- various security updates
- all products can now have optional options

Release of March 7th 2017

- Minimum order amount

Release of February 24th 2017

- API (requires token, please contact us)

Release of December 12th 2016

- Introduction of a Wordpress plug-in to streamline integration on Wordpress based sites.

Release of October 26th 2016

- dimension fields are now 3 digits of precision
- users can now merge book cover and pages into one PDF file
- product chooser is now shown even if category has only 1 product
- added the possibility to send an email automatically when an order is processed
- direct links and loaded creations always drive to the application without product chooser
- fixed bug with book pricing when using extra pages and price tiers
- price page modal for each application on customer welcome screen
- prices enhanced for prints application
- summary price page for every product
- added support for wired calendars

Release of October 4th 2016

- Each creation adds now a customer on the customer list if he hasn't ordered before
- Added custom google analytics tag to track your customers
- Added the possibility to set a custom backlink from applications to your website
- Added variable width for posters
- Fixed payment status when using paypal and taxes
- Fixed server condition requirement for print product creation
- Fixed export type for book cover edition

Release of September 27th 2016

- Optimized mobile prints upload which starts only when form is filled
- Optimized mobile welcome page now displayed two or three columns
- Sharing feature for creations with twitter, facebook, pinterest and raw link
- Applications not available on mobile are now locked on welcome page
- Fixed bug on direct product linking causing error 500
- Right-click is disabled on creation canvas to avoid final users to print the creation themselves
- Added a link to redirect on user applications pages on prints and creations pages
- Added a progress bar on prints application when photos are loading or when apply to all button is clicked

Release of September 15th 2016

- Print products can now have a variable width
- Added features to your dashboard. You can now:
- View your orders in progress, your total orders, your total sales and your registered customers
- View your revenue and number of orders within each application in a pie chart
- View your revenue and number of orders each day since your account creation, month based

Release of September 8th 2016

- Support for Gift products
- Support for Calendar products
- minor bug fixes

Release of August 8th 2016

- added support for custom product images
- shop owner can now access his list of customers
- shop owner can access customer's saved creations and open them for editing
- fixed problem with JPG file names of photos from social networks

Release of June 23rd 2016

- Added support of online payment methods
- Added audio notifications with incoming orders
- Added support right to left
- Improved pagination
- Added smartguides
- Enhanced autofill

Release of May 12th 2016

- Fixed problems with saving through unreliable internet connection
- Fixed potential problem when customer logs out while working on a creation in another tab
- Fixed bug on option display "layflat" for photo books (dashboard)

Release of May 10th 2016

- End customer can now delete saved creations
- Now allowing store name up to 30 characters
- updated customer's creation pages for clarity

Release of April 6th 2016

- Customizable Terms of Use page
- New initial step for choosing theme when creating a photo book
- Now 26 book themes, available for landscape / portrait / square books
- Dashboard now checks photo books pages and cover sizes to avoid incoherent settings
- Fixed problems when editing products with non-HTML5 compliant web browsers

Release of March 23rd 2016

- Choose photos from social networks: Facebook, Google Photos, Instagram
- Fixed problem with autosaving of creations
- Fixed logo image display problem
- Brand new set of 24 themes for photo books

Release of March 9th 2016

- Added order number to customer confirmation e-mail
- Fixed problem with HTTPS intermediate certificate on Android
- Support for photo books
- online account for end customers
- Saving / reloading of creations online

Release of February 24th 2016

- New application for ordering greeting cards
- Order ticket

Release of February 17th 2016

- HTTPS now supported both in dashboard and customer ordering application
- Applications and products can be easily reordered by drag and drop
- New dashboard section “My translations” allows you to translate the full end-customer experience to your language
- Credits purchase invoice available to download from your dashboard
- Added a sitemap.xml
- Password reset procedure
- You can now change your subdomain
- Quality warning for low resolution files in prints / large prints applications

Release of February 9th 2016

- Customizable welcome page with store address, opening time, Google maps localization
- You can now use direct links for ordering specific products from another web site
- Fixed issue with cropping window in prints / large prints applications
- Improved presentation of products on customer website
- Collages can now be easily rotated, portrait / landscape in one click
- Products dimensions can be entered using your preferred unit: inches, centimeters, millimeters
- Fixed a problem with empty orders coming from some browsers (not fully HTML5 compliant)